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The Train Accident Lawyers at the Louthian Law Firm of Columbia, South Carolina help train crash victims obtain fair compensation for their injuries. We are experienced in representing SC victims of train collisions, car and truck accidents, personal injury claims, workers compensation, and medical malpractice. Our office is located in Columbia, but we represent clients in Charleston, Florence, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, Mt. Pleasant, Spartanburg County and Summerville and all counties in the state of South Carolina.

If you live in South Carolina and someone you care about was hurt or killed in a train wreck, contact the Louthian Law Firm today at 1-866-410-5656. You can also contact our SC attorneys through our website for a free evaluation of your personal injury case.

Have you been recently injured or someone close to you killed in an accident involving an 18 wheeler? There are legal representatives who can make possible to win your case that involve 18 wheeler accident attorney Houston. Our new lawyers are ready to help at upfront cost to hire an 18 wheeler attorney. For more details please visit

In this video attorney Francis Jackson of the law firm of Jackson & MacNichol conducts a live Q & A session on Social Security Disability Training and answers the question: Is it true that there have been some changes to the retroactive payments of SSI? They have changed how they pay out for SSI. What they are doing is delaying payments. When you are found eligible they start your monthly benefits. They give you an initial benefit toward your retroactive payment of the equivalent of 3 months of benefits. Then they wait 6 months and give you another retroactive payment of the same amount. Then they wait another 6 months and whatever you are entitled to that they haven’t already paid you in those two payments, you get then. So they spread it out over a year.

In this video attorney Francis Jackson of the law firm of Jackson & MacNichol conducts a live Q & A session on Social Security Disability Training and answers the question: How many earning quarters are necessary before a person is eligible for Social Security Disability and is each quarter one-quarter of a year? Normally it is 20 out of the last 40. It used to be that they looked at your earnings literally by quarters in 3 month periods, but now you can earn an entire year’s quarters in the first month if you earn enough. It is a question of earnings. They keep adjusting it every year, currently it is $4,000. So if you are a highly paid executive and you earn more than 12 months this month you have earned your quarters for the year, but you can never get more than 4 per year.


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download books, book online, full reads How long does it take to get your settlement money under a Jones Act case? When does your money have to be paid after a settlement? Maritime lawyer Timothy Young explains Jones Act law.

Maritime Jones Act lawyer Tim Young explains maritime law. We want you to know your rights. Get our FREE maritime injury law toolkit. Written for the injured employee.

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Our firm has handled many railroad accident cases and has obtained large recoveries for the clients that we have represented. We specialized in railroad safety, railroad injuries, and representing clients who have been injured in crashes both workers that work for the railroad and third parties who were injured by the train. It is important that you call an attorney right away because the evidences needs to be preserved. Call our office if you have been injured in a railroad accident and schedule your free consultation.

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