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DUI Defense Maryland | Maryland DUI Lawyer

For truly effective legal representation for DUI, alcohol or other drug-related offenses, call Bruce Robinson & Associates at (410) 484-1111 We are specifically focused on defending any Maryland drivers charged with DUI/DWI (alcohol or drug related offenses).

We successfully defend cases throughout the state of Maryland. We have been consistently and effectively defending Maryland drivers charged with DUI/DWI and drunk driving for over twenty years. We provide intelligent and comprehensive defense for all types of DUI, DWI involving alcohol or drug-related cases. Even if these offenses involve death or severe injury, we will be able to effectively represent you. We are always just a phone call away to begin defending you. We will respectfully and thoroughly represent your case with dignity using careful strategies that are effective and excellently prepared. Our highly trained litigators will prepare both sides of the case, from the plaintiff or the defendant’s perspective, which makes us ready to face head-on the strategies of the other litigant. We are in complete understanding of the Defense Playbook, which means we will be able to handle whatever comes our way from the other party.

In Maryland, DUI and DWI (Driving While Impaired) are serious criminal offenses with long term consequences; however, all is not lost simply because you were charged. Immediate action by an experienced and trial tested DUI Law Firm can have a controlling impact on whether your case is resolved successfully and your job and family are protected.

Rest assured you have come to the right place for immediate help around the clock. Robinson & Associates is available right now to answer your questions, explain what needs to be done next and provide guidance and support. All you need to is call. We will immediately schedule your free consultation at your convenience during the day, evenings or over the weekend to help protect your freedom, your family, driver’s license, CDL, Government Clearance and most importantly, your piece of mind!

DUI Defense Maryland | 443-213-0345 | DUI Maryland
We’ve been successfully defending Maryland drivers charged with DUI/DWI and Drunk Driving for over twenty years

Most people are not familiar with Maryland’s complex web of DUI laws, they do not know their legal rights when they find themselves handcuffed and sitting in the back of a police vehicle. For example, when being arrested for drunk driving in Maryland you do not have to perform any field sobriety tests when requested to do so.

You may have been offered a preliminary breath test or PBT while still on the street which is different from the formal breath test performed at the police station. He should have told you that there are no consequences for your refusal to take the PBT test and that the results of the PBT test are not admissible by the State of Maryland against you. If the result was favorable to you however, you may use it in Court to help prove your innocence. You need to speak to one of our DUI Attorneys in Maryland for a free consultation

Potential Consequences
If you have been charged with drunk driving, you face a variety of potential punishments; the most serious is up to one year in jail for a first offense. Additionally, you can lose your privilege to drive regardless of whether you are ultimately found guilty in criminal Court. That’s why you need to speak to one of our DUI Attorneys in Maryland

2012 Drunk Driving Stats:
• Drunk driving fatalities (.08 BAC or higher): 160 representing 32% of all total traffic deaths, a 0.6% decrease from last year.
• Alcohol related crash injuries (.01 BAC or higher): 978
• Alcohol related crashes (.01 BAC or higher): 2474
• DUI arrests: 23,499

No matter what type of DUI, DWI (alcohol or drug-related) offense you are facing, our highly effective litigation team will make you completely satisfied you called Bruce Robinson & Associates. Attorney Todd Berkey is a partner at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based law firm Edgar Snyder & Associates. Attorney Berkey repres… John Bisnar is the founding partner of the Bisnar Chase personal injury law firm. Visit or call 888-265-0161.