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Sospel (Alpes-Maritimes) est une commune coupée du monde par des éboulements depuis près d’un mois. Alors aujourd’hui, on n’a pas hésité à déployer les grands moyens pour aider les villageois.

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Les Alpes-Maritimes sont pleinement concernées par la crise migratoire. Depuis janvier, près de 50 000 personnes ont été interpellées. Une équipe de France 3 a suivi le travail de la police aux frontières.

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A retired Social Security Administration judge was sentenced to four years in prison on Friday for illegally approving $550 million in federal disability payments for thousands of people. 81 year old David Daugherty was sentenced in Lexington, Kentucky, after pleading guilty in May to two counts of receiving illegal gratuities 2004 to 2011. According to Reuters, Daugherty accepted over $609,000 in cash payments from Social Security disability lawyer Eric Conn of Pikeville, Kentucky.

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Truck accident cases are more complicated than a typical car accident and that is why it is important to hire an attorney that has experience in handling these types of cases. At Fiol Law Group, our attorneys have been handling truck accident cases in Tampa Bay for many years and have helped many injured victims get the compensation they deserve. You need to contact an attorney immediately after a truck crash to make sure that the evidence is preserved. We handle trucking cases on a contingency fee basis which means there are no fees unless and until you win your case.

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