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Becker Law Office takes great pride in helping the injured people of Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. We strive to obtain the money our clients deserve and the law entitles them to receive.

The firm formed in Louisville, KY in 1985 when founder Gary Becker (now retired) and his wife moved from a small town in Southern Indiana. Gary decided to focus Becker Law Office exclusively on plaintiffs’ personal injury cases. His passion for helping people remains with the firm today.

Our attorneys know how a devastating personal injury can impact one’s life. When managing partner, Kevin Renfro was just a young boy, his father lost a finger in an industrial accident. His father suffered excruciating physical pain while his mother struggled to provide for the family of six. -What is a permanent partial disability rating? Total or partial loss of use of a member of the body directly caused by a work-related injury may result in a PPD rating

This Myrtle Beach, SC disability lawyer can help file your social security claims. Get the benefits you deserve.

Edelstein Martin & Nelson – Personal Injury Lawyers Philadelphia represent injured victims and workers. Our law firm has a well-earned reputation for providing aggressive and high quality representation, and we know injury law. Individuals involved in ( motorcycle accident Lawyer in Philadelphia may suffer serious bodily injury and property damage to their automobile. Motor vehicle crashes can often result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

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Your employer cannot punish or threaten punishment for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Punishing an employee for making a workers’ compensation claim is illegal retaliation. You should report the incident in writing to the state workers’ compensation agency and call an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. When your employer is hostile to a workers’ compensation claim, you will probably need a lawyer’s help to fight for your legal right to benefits.

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