CRAZY Truck Crashes, Truck Accidents compilation 2014 – Winter Edition

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Markku Ranin says:

All in russia, only to be expected after russia temporarily snatched

bilbo baggins says:

It’s all the vodka they drink

Suz Hemner says:

Lot’s of “Scarecrows” in Russia-“If I only had a brain.” 

Philip Knüttel says:

13:23 WTF, did he lost the Crankshaft of his Engine??

Гена Новоселов says:

На 5:10 регик чмо конченое!

Gromm says:

3:38 oh that will get scary :O
3:43 a shit, he will hit him :/
3:47 oh wow, props dudes, you didn’t crash
3:49 oh, now i know why this is in the crash compilation
3:50 nice work, they do a great job! now it’s over

But why is this in a crash comp…

3:51 Ohh are you serious??!

DTaly says:

How to learn Russian swear words and phrases 6:30

beingsneaky says:

you know these crash vids just show me how uncaring human beings can be..
do the videos stop to help.. or other ppl driving by?? most of the times
no. maybe ppl viding are thinking oh get home quick and get this on youtube

Kadio Wolf says:


DORAN R Brown says:

Anyone ever think about showing the ‘aftermath’ of the wreck, a few shots
of what the accident scene looked like?

DynamicStabilization says:

Let’s call a spade a spade here, the tile should be Stupid Dumba** Driver
Crashes. Are they all Eastern Europeans?

mrhutton420 says:

This is the third compilation I’ve watched, and needless to say Europeans
are the worst drivers I’ve ever seen, and I mean all of them not just the
truck drivers. So many of these accidents could’ve been avoided, but just
straight up carelessness and negligence made them happen. And half the
people with the dash cams are effin’ morons for not stopping and checking
to see if everybody is okay… but by the looks of it they see this enough
that it’s nothing new and as frequent as taking a piss. They should have to
take thorough driving tests yearly, and if one little thing is off don’t
even give them a license. 

TheMyKillClan says:

you put a fucking crosswalk on like a highway?!?!?

bilbo baggins says:

I keel you

TruVlogTv says:

Come check out our Channel Guys

Simon Sanderson says:

Stupid Europeans suck at driving!!!

Liam Loewen says:

An accurate showcase of my Euro Truck 2 driving abilities

Егор Даценко says:

12:51 называется долбаеб ехал с дальниками!! или долбаеб с не настроенными
фарами из за таких сука не могу ездить когда темно ( по трассам)

Poza Koza says:

this all accedinet isnt real ? ……

Bill bill says:

russia’s best drivers!

Zach Schott says:

4:47 Why u turn Eminem???!! Lol..

rob robert says:

yes it’s for insurance reasons , russian highways are so dangerous , they
don’t have the same safty rules set in place like the US

senorkaboom says:

I am not saying American drivers don’t make stupid maneuvers while driving,
but we aren’t so bad that we need dash cams in our cars. These Russian
drivers go way too fast for the prevailing conditions and do some things I
would never do. You have to wonder if vodka is part of the issue. 

maximun tutorials says:

always crash from russian I don’t them russian not understand touch brake

Ivan TDI says:

2:50 Back to the future :D

joe Costello says:

Russians just don’t give a fuck. Even if there’s a foot of snow slush and
ice on the road they go 80 miles per hour any way ! Lmao fucking dumbasses 

Hana AlGhamdi says:

Do they drink when they drive?!!!!

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