Jamie Casino 2 Minute Super Bowl Commercial – Casino’s Law

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An epic 2 Minute Halftime Commercial written and directed by Jamie Casino. The spot features Jamie’s brother Michael who was gunned down with his friend on L…


Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan says:

Top viral video of the Super Bowl…like the Sopranos..lol..great video 

Quick Man says:

That was absolutely ridiculous and way over the top.

And I loved it.

NightFury says:

So I speak for innocent people by smashing a hammer in a cemetary which
sparks off fire which in turn writes “Casino’s Law” in the wet ground while
walking in slowmotion in the rain with badass rock music in the background
after my son asks what I do when I go to work

SooperBeez says:

this is fucking stupid as fuck

ZainAQW says:

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Millie12678 says:

sad story but the video is SUPER EPIC!@atmidnight brought me here :)

SturFriedBrains says:

Jesse Cox’s facebook page brought me here.

Chase Iron says:

If your watching this, please view my channel, it would really help me
out :)

sisbrawny says:

I initially thought this was going to be heartfelt psa sort of thing, then
thought “oh, this is some crazy hbo tv series now”…. then realized it was
actually real. Then it left a bit of a bad taste because it’s like he
doesn’t even care his brother was killed. He turned a serious and tragic
event into some ridiculous action show commercial. Kind of weird, tacky,
and offensive in my eyes. Seemed pretty heartless.

KiD Genius says:

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Francis Wesonga says:

Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino purchased the two-minute block of
commercial time to tell his story.

Mr. Simple says:


randy savage says:

Anyone who uses a family members passing to make $ is scum

JotaceGamer says:

Better call Saul!

ShigaShiga says:

“Daddy, what do you do when you go to work”? I don’t go to work bitch, I
twerk with Miley Cyrus at the VMA.

Daniel Loureiro says:

is this for real? A super egocentric lawyer? I almost can see him talking
something like “I will destroy your life” (while smiles like the joker) to
an innocent people who dare to cross your way and slow down your path.
Bizarre, funny and surprising well done. It’s a shame that in my country
lawyers cannot make commercials. But the funny thing is that I can’t decide
if I like this video because the epic production (it’s best than many
movies, and I’ll probally pay to see this on tv/movie theater) or if I
dislike because he is a mega-egocentric man who are using his decease
brother in order to make some money and, as a lawyer, he don’t give a sh*t
to justice. I just can decide. It’s too awfully awesome.

Jack Pinto says:

That was the most American thing I’ve ever seen.

Darryl Noguera says:


Stinkerpuppy6 says:

What song is this?

Maggie Bradley says:

I think he’s orthodox judging from the church scene with all the icons

RoopDaddy86 says:

That. Was awesome!

I want shit to happen just so I can get this guy to work on my behalf. Can
you have too much of a good thing? I don’t know but I’m going to go walk
into traffic and then get this guy to sue the state for letting me walk
into traffic.

We will win.

Awwwww yeahhhhh!

Nacho Fernandez says:

Saul Goodman Brother.

maximumwangchung says:


topbadgun says:

i know it’s weird but awsome as the same time.
Sometime come out look like action movie from 80-90, so exiciting… but a
I think ineed some rest and rewatch again

liverunnin says:

When is this movie coming out?

ZimM804 says:

This can’t be real. They picked the most douche baggyish picture of his
brother they could find

Fun Times with Jarrod and Caitlin says:

Hi guys! My best my best friend and I started up a channel and it would be
amazing if you could check it out :) thankyou!!

Debora Gamez says:

borrringg! ;p

Nx Doyle says:

What a load of fatuous horseshit.

drugz says:


AllRequired says:

The perfect vigilante attorney TV show trailer.

WWEIsTheAwesome says:

Better call Saul!

Jacob Rochester says:

This is the most American Ad ever made…

Julia Arthur-Smith says:

Not my style of music but I think it’s easy to miss the real point in this.
Like smashing the headstone, I took that to represent anger against the
fact his brother was killed and should not be buried. The flames were to me
representative of power, and because it was raining, there was no logic in
thinking it was setting fire to anything. Live flowers/dead flowers and so
forth. I thought it was good. He didn’t spend millions making it, and some
that do, are not as worth while as this one. I doubt very much a wealthy
attorney needs to make a buck on the death of his own brother or anyone
else. He is making a point, that is why over 4 million people have viewed
this in just a few days. So he obviously has a point.

Chris Mankey says:

Better call Casino!

James Reynolds says:

So this guy decides to use his brother’s death to make a shitty ad and make
money. Way to profit off of your brother’s death, douche.

Zachary Heir says:

His cousin clams is a great lawyer here in Rhode Island 

Adriano Araújo says:

wow. being honest, one of the greatest and the most epic commercial I’ve
ever seen! bravo!

TheIgnomoly says:

I love this commercial! People need to understand that although it may be
viewed as “Tacky” or disrespectful to the dead, the guy had a wake up call
and instead of continuing down the path of helping criminals get off easy
he will help the innocent. He wants retribution and the dragging of the
pristine sledgehammer with fire and whatnot really connected with me in a
positive way to show that. Plus, I bet it’s probably something his brother
would approve of.

Brent Williams says:

The song is Nick Nolan – Devil Gets Your Soul 

johnnykool says:

This is one of the greatest commercials, ever! I’ve never wanted to see a
commercial turned into a movie before now.

Filip Borén says:

10/10 would hire

Joseph Gallira says:

Better call Saul….lol

Cramer Law Center says:

Have you seen this Super Bowl commercial from a Georgia lawyer? It’s gone
viral this week. What are your thoughts?

L.R. Gatch says:

tips his Stetson in Jamie Casino’s direction. Super-job of settin’ the
record “straight,” locally! RIP, Michael. “We got it” (a sense of the gross
injustices and the outrages involved) even folks half-way ’round the world
from Savannah, Ga “got it” (loud and clear)! Gutsy …

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