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Experienced attorney explains what exactly class action and mass tort cases are.

Lien Resolution is based on Medicare and Medicaid Liens and Reimbursement Claims. Mass torts and class actions require specialized healthcare lien resolution knowledge. The Garretson Lien Resolution Center has developed innovative ways to handle Medicare lien and Medicaid lien reimbursement claims in mass torts and class actions effectively. Matthew Garretson is a nationally recognized Healthcare Lien Resolution Attorney.

Video in which Chris Placitella discusses current events related to mass torts, from Information on class action lawsuits, class action attorn…

Finding the right Austin Injury Attorney
We’ve all seen the advertisements on mid-day television, where a lawyer promises to get you the money you deserve for an injury you weren’t at fault for. It may be tempting to dial that number on the screen and sign up for representation right then and there, but there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. An injury lawyer generally focuses on a few types of liability, and knowing what cases they are strongest in representing is in your best interest. This and other legal elements should be investigated before moving forward.
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